Candidates for INCLT VMS Pilot Announced

On Monday, June 4th, 2018, we gathered companies and a few mentors at Innovate Charlotte’s current home base at Advent Coworking to announce companies that passed the pre-qualification process. Here is the list of companies who made it to the final selection round:

Company Website Description
1 Cloosiv A merchant agnostic platform to make purchases and earn savings with a single app.
2 BovaMetrics LLC bovametrics An augmented intelligence platform for wealth managers.
3 Business of Healthcare A forum and information exchange for the 40,000 decision makers in healthcare.
4 Brew Zoom none An online craft beer concierge matching customers to a wide selection of curated craft beer based on their personal taste.
5 Gig COnnected A service that connects construction employers with construction workers.
6 Honeyfi A platform that helps couples integrate their finances and save for goals together.
7 HOURZ A job exchange for hourly workers and businesses.
8 Kanari A project management and customer relationship software for music professionals.
9 Musser & Company A company offering business development, service and retention campaigns through tangible gifts.
10 NuFloss The first customized floss that gives you the power to floss in seconds.
11 Quick Usability A platform to connect people building digital products with UX services and consultants for tactical UX on demand.


We are still accepting applications from interested companies until June 15th. You can apply for the pilot here.