Carolina Fintech Hub

What is Fintech?

We define Fintech, broadly, as companies or initiatives that seek to disrupt OR enhance financial services through the use of technology.

The Carolina Fintech Hub Vision

Fintech’s role in the financial industry will continue to grow over the next 10 years. As home of the 3rd largest banking center in the nation, the Carolina region has the opportunity to significantly benefit from this growth with a proactive strategy to attract and retain its most fundamental building block – new market talent.

What’s Unique About Our Approach?

Aside from being focused on the Fintech ecosystem of North and South Carolina, the CFH is focusing its programming and investments at the intersection of Fintech and incumbent financial institutions. With tens of thousands of startups and new workforce entrants deciding where they should put down roots, the CFH will make the case that choosing the Carolinas not only means there will be a complete support ecosystem at their disposal, but also the ability to partner with incumbent financial institutions – increasing their odds of success dramatically.