Charlotte Angel Fund

Charlotte Angel Fund invests in early stage companies throughout North Carolina and contiguous states.

Our members are individuals who are residents of or have interests in the Charlotte area, and who wish to invest at an early stage in promising companies with strong management teams and compelling business opportunities in large markets.

We made our first investment in December 2014.  In October 2016 we closed our first fund to new members, and in February 2017 received our first members into Charlotte Angel Fund II.

The funds are structured as member-managed groups, meaning that the membership makes investment decisions on behalf of the fund. In addition to the capital invested by the fund, members may invest additional capital on a deal by deal basis based upon their individual preferences.

Our Administrator, Greg Brown, is responsible for generating deal flow, serving as the primary point of contact for existing and prospective members and handling the administrative responsibilities of the funds. Governance is provided by a Board of Directors which is also responsible for the approval of new members.