INCLT VentureMentoring Service

Studies have shown that entrepreneurs who get mentored are 3x more likely to succeed. We want to see those odds here in Charlotte.

Venture Mentoring for the Community

Our Vision

Be the most impactful community driven mentorship program for startups and early stage founders in the Greater Charlotte Region.

Our Mission

Guide coachable entrepreneurs to launch and build value in their ventures and community.

Our Values

Founder-centric We are about building founders. Their first business might not succeed but we help them learn and grow through their entrepreneurial journey.
Confidential We create a safe, respectful trusting and confidential environment
Accountable We keep each other accountable and stay committed to promises we make.
Inclusive  We reflect the diverse community we serve.
Honest We are transparent in dealing with all stakeholders and provide unvarnished feedback to our founders.

Our program was launched in June of 2018. We conducted the pilot, fine-tuned the model, and are accepting applications from interested companies, who have done some customer discovery and are looking to grow and scale their business.

the program details...

Program Duration: Ongoing! As long as you need it…

Application Process: Join the waiting list and hang tight!

Cost to participate: Free (maybe buy a drink for your mentors some time!)

The Goal: To guide each participant through group mentorship to the next milestone on your entrepreneurial journey.

Team Mentoring

Based on the MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS), the team methodology we use has many advantages and gives you a diverse group of experienced entrepreneurs and business people who can guide, advise and model success.

Long Term

With the INCLT VMS program, there is no end date. As long as you are engaged with the program, and working on your entrepreneurial endeavors (even if you pivot), our mentors will be there to guide and encourage you.

Formal Structure

Our program has structure that makes it easier for mentors and founders to meet and collaborate. There is a formal process to onboard companies and mentors, so that everyone is on the same page in terms of expectations. Additionally, we organize monthly breakfast meetings for mentors and bi-monthly socials to connect, share insights, and help each other grow.


Key Benefits for Mentors

  • They are motivated to give back
  • Pride in developing the next gen entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity to meet, network and learn from other mentors
  • Pride in the connection with a prestigious program

Key Benefits For Entrepreneurs

  • Access to a diverse pool of expertise
  • Ability to size, shape, and change mentor teams
  • Meet evolving needs of your startup over time
  • Access to a wider pool of contacts
  • Mentoring available long-term

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Innovate Charlotte is seeking experienced individuals who want to  mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create high impact connections between successful business men and women and young or new entrepreneurs.

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We are looking for companies interested in taking the next step in their entrepreneurial journey as part of our Venture Mentoring pilot program based on renowned MIT VMS Program.  Our focus is innovation driven companies at the validation stage of their business model. It means that you have a few paying customers already and needs mentors to attract investment and scale your business.

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