Tech Works of Gaston County

The idea for TechWorks was inspired by recent data that shows Gaston County is among the most populated counties in North Carolina but has one of the lowest median incomes in the state. In 2016, led by the team from Gaston Innovation Group, Inc., we set out to change the story. We intentionally partnered with public and private organizations who shared our vision and were committed to a long-term, community-focused solution. Today, TechWorks is the only public-private project of its kind in North Carolina with an investment from the state, county and city totaling $2.1M.

Our goal is to help tech start-ups and entrepreneurs strive in the region and help community members thrive in the tech talent pipeline. We know it takes more than funding to support tech start-ups and small business on their journey toward success in the digital economy. That’s why our partners provide courses, tech training, resources, and mentorship along the way.

Together, we believe we can create a model for how an urban-rural county can become a hub for tech innovation, broadband expansion, and economic reinvention.

Fast Facts:

  • TechWorks is the only project of its kind in the State with an investment from the State, County and City totaling $2.1M.
  • City of Belmont was awarded a $1M State Grant in Dec. 2017 on behalf of TechWorks.
  • TechWorks is a model for how an urban-rural county can become a hub for tech innovation and broadband expansion which will foster “new collar” job creation.

TechWorks also offers Coding Courses in partnership with Gaston College, UNC Charlotte, Tech Talent South, and Goodwill University.

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