The Power of a Connected Ecosystem

It is already common knowledge that connectivity among entrepreneurs, established businesses, mentors, colleges and universities and professional services is a critical component of a vibrant ecosystem. We also know, that according to a recent Charlotte-based study that Charlotte’s ecosystem remains fragmented among many of these participants

 One Million Cups Charlotte is one of the places where entrepreneurs come together to help each other succeed


Thankfully, the times are changing. Numerous local organizations, companies, and individuals are teaming up to increase connectivity between the entrepreneurial community and corporations. CRFE aims to facilitate this efforts in the following way:

  1. Increase the flow of information between established companies and entrepreneurial firms
  2. Invest in digital and physical hubs where ideas can gather and collide
  3. Form and maintain authentic mentoring relationships to support start-ups
  4. Increase the flow of valuable resources

Everybody wins in a connected ecosystem. Charlotte startups and entrepreneurs will reap the benefits of other’s experience and knowledge. Additionally, they will feel supported, which can boost morale and purpose.

We believe that this increased connectivity also leads to a better understanding of processes used by companies to fuel and sustain growth. In a well-connected ecosystem, an entrepreneur can glean valuable information about creating processes for everything from bookkeeping to marketing plans to talent recruitment.

The more established Charlotte institutions will be able to rekindle the startup spirit that launched them in the first place. This spark may ignite dormant ideas or generate new ones.

Intentionally connecting companies of all shapes and sizes in Charlotte will make for a more hospitable environment for entrepreneurial growth. That means more start-ups. Which means more jobs.  Which means an increased need for goods and services, spurring growth in all sectors of Charlotte.

Like ecosystems in the natural world, entrepreneurial environments function best when they coalesce with other communities. Therefore, if our community wants a greater flow of new ideas, more new jobs and faster growth, then we really only have one choice: we have to get connected.