From TikTok to table

After graduating from NC State with a degree in business administration, Guyton spent several years working in industries ranging from automotive to IT. Food and nutrition were always more of a personal passion, but as he learned more about nutrition, he realized ‘clean eating’ wasn’t so simple. There was so much to learn, and it could be overwhelming.

He started helping out friends and family on an informal basis, developing workout routines and meal plans. Then, Guyton began sharing recipes and nutrition tips on TikTok. It was there he saw the opportunity to turn his passion for food into something more.

“Everyone was asking, ‘How do you do this?’ or ‘Can you do this for me?’” Guyton said. “I started thinking I could really do this for people.”

In October 2019, Guyton launched Allen & Denise’s Child Catering and Delivery Service. The name pays homage to his parents. He grew up with 13 brothers and sisters and wants to underscore the importance of those relationships in everything he does.

“Food is very comforting in a lot of ways for a lot of different individuals. It ties in with memories that we have with our loved ones and families. You usually congregate around food, and that’s the connection I wanted to make,” he said.

The business offers individual and group catering, customizable meal prep subscriptions and virtual cooking classes. Guyton’s goal is to put a tasty spin on healthy ingredients, and he enjoys the challenge of finding a way to help someone enjoy a food they think they don’t like — whether it’s zucchini hot dogs or split pea burgers. 

“You can take things you may not like at all, and I’ll whip it for you. If I make it in a certain way, you’re going to like it,” he said.

For skeptics, he recommends starting with his Mac & Twist, a cauliflower-based macaroni and cheese. That dish, he says, can sway anyone.

Guyton’s dream is to develop an authentic local following, build a team and further scale out Allen & Denise’s Child Catering and Delivery Service, which currently offers local delivery around Charlotte and national shipping. He sees INCLT as a way to gain valuable resources and connections to accomplish those goals.

“Innovate Charlotte seemed to be the perfect outlet to find individuals who are like-minded and can help you out along the way,” he said.

“It’s amazing that mentorship at Innovate Charlotte is available not only to high stakes technology businesses, but also to founders who are building a company with a local impact such as Isavier” said Olga Muller, CEO at Kepler Team